Access control

System access control is a security technique that regulates who or what can view or use resources in a computing environment. It is a fundamental concept in security that minimizes risk to the business or organization. There are two types of system access control: physical and logical. We have several alternatives that adapt to your budget or security logistics. We have modern technology and a comprehensive system that will be able to make the most of its functions. Quote your project by making a consultation with our certified personnel to find the solution and technology according to your expectations.

Modern control system to handle entry access created and programmed by Acxeltech Corp to solve problems with traditional Tele Entry. Perfect solution that solves different areas within an organization. These areas include security reinforcement, secure investment, cost of maintenance and updates, modular interactions, reinforcement of security personnel, logistics solution and implementation of security policy or regulations. Among other implementations that can be added to the project according to the client's specifications.

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